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The project activities UACE participated in are summarized below:
Date and venue Workshop/activity
9-10 September 2010 Business Framework and Joint Ventures workshop
13-14 October 2010 (Nairobi-Kenya) Public communication, Press Relations and Media workshop
18-19 October 2010 (Addis Ababa Negotiation Skills and Lobbying Techniques workshop on
1-12 November 2010, Dusseldorf, Germany Study Tour to Dusseldorf, Germany
23-24th November 2010, Hotel Africana Business Plan workshop
April 2011 Study Tour to Cologne and Brussels in Germany and Belgium
23-24th June 2011, Protea Hotel regional social standards and transparency workshop
12th July 2011, Ivys Hotel, Wakaliga Business Framework and Practices on African-European Joint Ventures in the Construction sector
13th July 2011, Ivys Hotel, Wakaliga Classification and Licensing Challenges for Road and Building Contractors and Consultants in Uganda workshop
26-27th July 2011, Ivys Hotel, Wakaliga Tender and Bid preparation Support Workshop
28-29th July 2011, Ivys Hotel, Wakaliga Claims Preparation and Contract Management support Service
17-19th August 2011 Establish systems for Training delivery to IOs and pilot them
3rd September 2011 Establish a platform for National and regional collaboration with partners from Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda
9th September 2011, Ivys Hotel, Wakaliga Procurement and legal framework workshop
13th September 2011, Metropole Hotel Stakeholders Meeting and National closing of the ProInvest Project in Uganda