The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers (UACE) is the body responsible for representing the professional concerns and general business interests of its members in the field of consulting engineering in Uganda. It was founded in 1993 with a membership of eight-member firms and membership has since grown to Thirty Four (34) Members to date.

Internationally, UACE represents Uganda through its affiliation to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). FIDIC is an international umbrella body, which caters for both National and Regional consulting engineering associations in respect of engineering professional ethics, standards, client/consultant/contractor relationships, among others. . UACE is also a member of FIDIC Africa (formerly known as GAMA-Group of Africa Member Associations), a grouping of national consulting engineering associations in Africa.

UACE is fully recognized by the Government of Uganda under the Ministry of Works and Transport. UACE was incorporated as a private limited company by guarantee by the Registrar of Companies on 8th May 2001.

Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers
Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers


The mission of Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers is to develop and promote the consulting engineering industry in Uganda to internationally accepted standards.


  • To develop the consulting engineering profession to the benefit of Clients and the public welfare
  • To protect and promote the professional interests, rights, powers and privileges of consulting engineers;
  • To network with associations representing the manufacturers, contractors and other businesses impacting on or which are impacted upon by engineering works on matters of mutual interest;
  • To offer a forum for engineers to associate together for mutual professional co-operation and advantages as well as for social contact to enhance consultation;
  • To advance, transmit and preserve professional knowledge and to stimulate intellectual development among members;
  • To strive to continuously ensure development of the professional, technical, management and business competence of its members
  • To promote the use of standard procedures and systems developed and published by FIDIC, where appropriate.