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Governance Structure



The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the most supreme organ of the UACE. This organ is composed of all paid-up members of the UACE. The AGM is called by the sitting Council once every year. For more details about UACE governance structure and procedures, please refer to the Associations' Constitution. This organ elects members of the Council during the AGM to serve a one year term of Office. During the AGM, Council presents its annual progressive report, accountabilities and, work plan and budget for the next financial year to the AGM for approval before implementation. The Association has so far organised 16 AGMs since its founding in 1993.

The Council

During the AGM, new Council is elected to office for a one year term of service. Council is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Association. It (Council) is comprised of 9 members, with Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and Honorary Treasurer as office bearers. Council works through and supervises a full time Secretariat to effectively fulfill its mandate and responsibilities.

Council is supported by three Committees of Finance and Administration, Publicity and Public Relations and, Capacity Building and Continuous Professional Development.

The Secretariat

Council is supported by a full time Secretariat that sits at the association's official premises. The Secretariat is young but steadily growing in both number and Capacity.