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ProInvest project

The Proinvest project named "Modernizing Construction: Capacitating East African Intermediary Organisations in the Construction Value Chain" was born out of a needs assessment undertaken in early 2009 on stakeholders in the Ugandan construction industry, which indicated the need to focus effort on capacitating associations involved in the construction sector to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and activities.

Accordingly, Proinvest formalized a partnership with UNABCEC and UACE in June 2010 and UNABCEC duly received funding from the partner to implement the project in Uganda. The project was operated on a peer-to-peer co-operation with other private sector organizations from three European countries (Germany, Austria and Belgium) and two African countries (Kenya and Ethiopia).

The Overall Objectives
  • The business environment in the construction sector is more conducive for active private sector participation and involvement, especially SMEs
  • Sustainable trade, investment and technology flows between Europe and East Africa in the construction sector grow more rapidly
Specific objectives

East African participating organizations in the construction value chain are sustainably capacitated to achieve higher impact in accordance with their mandate

Expected results
1The institution of functional competence of participating organizations is significantly improved
2African IOs engage in meaningful public private dialogue on selected key regulatory or policy issues
3More members are attracted by value-adding and fee-generating services provided by the association
4International cooperation and regional integration is put in practice