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FIDIC Future Leaders

Fidic Future Leaders

About The Young Professionals

The Young Professionals Forum (YPF) is the group of Young Professionals (YPs) of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). It was formed in 2004 with the intention of providing YPs with the opportunity to participate actively in FIDIC with their peers and to develop the next generation of consulting engineering industry leaders.

As a leadership committee, the YPF Steering Committee (YPFSC) was formed to develop communication and networking opportunities for all YPs involved in the FIDIC community.

The Mission

To provide Young Professionals within the UACE membership with opportunities for networking and professional growth to enable them compete locally and internationally in the Engineering consultancy industry.

The Vision

To be an empowered and vibrant Forum in the UACE that furthers professional growth and sustainability of the Association.

What we do

  • The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers (UACE) represents the professional concerns and business interests of her members in the field of Consulting Engineering in Uganda. UACE is a member of FIDIC and GAMA.
  • The FIDIC Young Professionals Forum (YPF) promotes the participation of Young Professionals in the Consulting Engineering industries’ activities. Several FIDIC Member Associations operate Young Professionals Forums.
  • Their activities include Co-ordination, Exchange programs, online discussion forums, Board and Committee participation, In-company young professional groups, facilitation for overseas projects.
  • As the future leaders who will be fill the gap in the next generation, the Young Professionals are the Talent–pipeline of the Consulting Engineering industry. It is therefore important to keep the Young Professionals engaged with the Consulting Engineering Community.
Young Professionals

Why UACE- Young Professionals Forum (YPF)

  • Provide a platform for networking, knowledge and experience sharing
  • Promote professional growth among YPs including guidance on registration by Professional bodies
  • Promote awareness and encourage YPs to attend UACE and FIDIC events, Conferences, CPD seminars, trainings among others
  • Encourage graduates and students to join the Engineering Consulting industry through Career guidance talks, sharing experiences and success stories
  • Assistance for undergraduate students with industrial training placements
  • Be a part of the FIDIC global voice of YPs in the industry